Nov 18, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts (5)

Hello all. I didn't do anything very different from my usual routine this week, so I'm breaking from the usual format and free writing a little. Dance, Dance, Dance. I've been trying to get as much of the dances for the Christmas show choreographed before the Thanksgiving break. So far they are turning out well. I want to finish them so we can really drill the choreography before performance. I've been editing music for the show as well. It was surprisingly easy with the new editing program that I started using. Yay!

I also surprised myself by getting a lot of reading done this week. Sadly not the short story of the the week yet. I had one picked out, and then I changed my mind, and before I knew it was almost Friday. Ha ha. I'm going to post it tomorrow. I think it will be a dancing story. See you in a bit my loves. Keep it shiny!

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