Jan 19, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday (2)

Time for my weekly run down of my reading progress so far for this week. 

Currently Reading Books

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Progress: Chapter 7
My Thoughts So Far: Wow! There are so many characters.

Progress: Chapter 6
My Thoughts So Far: I'm at that wonderful place where paperback books start to bend comfortably. Which in a nut shell means that the plot is thickening. 

Re-Read Book

Jane Eyre
Progress: Chapter 10
My Thoughts So Far: One of the first sad moments in the novel has occurred. At least I knew it was coming, but still insert sad face here.

Listening to Book

Sense and Sensibility
Progress: Chapter 26
My Thoughts So Far: Things are starting to get interesting. The silly characters make me giggle.  

Overall Progress: I at least got 3 to 5 chapters of everything read, which was my goal. Today I actually got to all my books except Dragon Tattoo. Awesome! See you later my lovely followers. 

1 comment:

Teacher/Learner said...

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is pretty awesome :) You'll get used to the number of characters soon enough. I'm worried about this issue with Anna Karenina when I get to it :D