Jan 26, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday (3)

Here is my weekly progress report my fabulous ones.

Currently Reading Books

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Progress: Chapter 9
Thoughts: I love reading this in the Chinese restaurant near my dance studio. Oh, and I'm in part 2 of the book. Yay!

Progress: Chapter 8
Thoughts: Fantasy elements are starting to come together. Awesome!

Re-read Book

Jane Eyre
Progress: Chapter 10 (still)
Thoughts: Absolutely no progress. Darn! It's nothing to do with the book I just haven't gotten to it yet this week.

Listening To Book

Sense and Sensibility
Progress: Chapter 31
Thoughts: I was really in the mood to listen to this on Tuesday. Hence, the great progress this week.

Overall Progress: I haven't progressed much this week. That's because I'm actually trying to work on that book review I promised you last week. I'm still trying to find that delicate balance between reading time and blogging time. Ha ha. Oh well. At least I got a little further along in Dragon Tattoo and I'm booking it through Sense and Sensibility. 

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