Jan 27, 2011

Thursday Night Thoughts (11)

Hello All. Here are Thursday's Thoughts.

Topic 1: Wake Up Sleepy Brain!

For the last two days I've had a tough time getting my brain in gear. I usually feel like that in the morning but this lasts all day. Ugg... No matter how many B vitamins I take it takes forever to get myself in gear. I guess it wasn't as bad today. Maybe this weirdness will pass soon.

Topic 2: Music Downloading Fool

I was just in the mood to download music today. I think I was inspired by the music I used in dance class today. You see I often download Amazon's free songs of the day, and I used many of them in class. Today I decided to buy a collection of classical music, because ballet teachers can never have enough of classic music. I also finally downloaded Fiona Apple's Tidal album to my phone. I've been meaning to do that for awhile. 

Topic 3: A New Favorite Reading Place

I think I mentioned on Wednesday that I like reading at the Chinese restaurant where I eat lunch sometimes. I don't know what it is about the place, but it just a great place to dive into a book. I'm not the only one. I've seen several other people doing the exact same thing in this particular restaurant. 

Topic 4: New/Old Books

I got a couple new things from Kindle this week. First of all a collection of short stories to add a little more variety to the short story of the week segment. Then my mom got all the Twilight books for a good deal. Since we share an account that means I have them too. Yay! I was going to have New Moon be my re-read book after I finish Jane Eyre. E-books rock!

That's all darlings. I'll see you soon. Keep it shiny! 

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