Feb 23, 2011

Reading Questionnaire For Fun

I'm going to post my Reading Wednesday in the afternoon, and my book review on Friday. However, I suddenly just felt like doing something different. I found this educational reading questionnaire and I though it might be fun to post my answers. I'm not technically in school, but I still take a certification course in fitness. Thus, some of these student questions still apply to me.


Do you remember learning to read? Yes

What early memories of learning to read stand out in your mind? I remember being read a Dr. Seuss book and memorizing the words. After awhile I started to figure out how to actually read the words. I think the book might have been Hop on Pop. I'm not sure now.

Did you like to read when you were a child? Very much so. I had a still have tons of children's books. I remember even enjoying reading my children's version of the dictionary.

Did your parents or other adults read to you a lot when you were little? Yes. That's why I'm a reader.

Do you remember any favorite storybooks? A lot of fairy tale books. My dad read me Winnie the Pooh once and he acted out all the voices. He did Eeyore the best.

Do your parents read often? What do they read? My mom is crazy for reading like me. Perhaps even more so. She'll read pretty much anything, and we share a library. My dad doesn't read much more than the news. Sometimes he reads non-fiction.

Do you like to read for pleasure at all? If so, what kinds of things do you read? Duh! I have a blog about it. I'll read almost any genre.

Estimate the number of books you own. Umm... I'm going to say perhaps over 100. You know I never thought to count.

How many of those books matter to you? Ooh! This is a tough one. I haven't read all of them. I think there are at least 20 to 30 that I can't live without. Gosh, I'm not sure. 

What are some of your personal interests? Do you remember reading anything in connection with any of these interests? My interests are mostly things to do with arts. Singing, dancing, acting, music, film, crafts, etc. I do tend to be attracted to books about these things fiction or non-fiction. However, I'm not limited to just things that involve my interests. I often like to read about people who have totally different interests that mine. 

Will improving your reading skills be helpful to you? Of course.


Do you consider yourself a slow or a fast reader? It depends. If I have a lot of time on my hands I can read rather fast. On the other hand when I'm very busy or have other things on my mind I'm extremely slow.

What kinds of reading have you had trouble finishing in school? I'm not a fan of science. I like some science fiction just not...you know...actual real science. 

Do you spend a lot of time re-reading? Do you ever give up on reading assignments because they take too long? Sometimes I do have to re-read assignments to really get it. Occasionally I have to read them out load too. I don't give up on reading assignments, but sometimes I find myself scanning when they take too long.


Do you have trouble staying focused while you read? It depends. With pleasure reading, if I'm really involved in the story I don't think about much else. Though occasionally I start looking at how far I am in the book, and get distracted. Sometimes when I start reading before I have to work or do an activity I lose a little focus looking at the time and such. If I'm studying it's a different story. Since I've got some learning differences such as ADD and slight dyslexic tendinitises, I can get a get a head ache if I don't take short breaks.

Do you often find yourself thinking of other things as you read? Try to explain what you experience when you are trying to read. Sometimes something I read makes me think of something that relates to my life, so I'm not totally thinking on the story. I don't think I can describe my reading experience very well.

When you read at home or school, do you have trouble blocking out distractions, such as noise? No

Do you listen to music or watch TV when you are studying or reading? I do all of the above. Weirdly because I have ADD when there is music or TV going my brain works better. They actually make it easier to focus. Don't ask me how it works. It just does. 


Do you visualize, or see pictures in your head, while you are reading? I would say that I do. Sometimes all the details are not completely clear, but I still see them.

What kinds of reading material do you find easiest to visualize? I suppose fantasy, horror, mystery, and general fiction.

What kinds of reading material do you find most difficult to understand? Why do you think these types of reading are difficult for you? Like I said before Science. I think the books make me feel like the writer thinks you know everything already, and doesn't bother to break it down enough.

Do you ever feel that you are understanding while you are reading, but are unable to remember the information once you are done? Not very often. I think I have quite nice comprehension skills. I might forget things after a very long time. For the most part I remember the things that really struck me.

Wow! This was kind of fun. Well I'm off. I might go read a little before going to sleep. Keep it shiny!

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