Mar 21, 2011

Short Story of The Week (31) - Rose

Story Title: Rose
From: The Rose and The Beast
Author: Francesca Lia Block


A slightly different spin on the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red.

Favorite Line

"She knows that things have changed."

My Thoughts

The stories in The Rose and the Beast just can't go wrong with me. I love this one too. From what I can tell it has some considerable differences from the original fairy tale. Most noticeably the fact that Snow White has been renamed Rose White. Which makes more since anyway. Why didn't the Grimm Brothers think of that. It much less likely that you would get the Snow Whites mixed up. Any way, the despite the differences, the author left story concerning a prince/bear. I think Francesca Block was using this story to express how the relationship between sisters or family members can change as one grows up and finds love. Rose left me with sort of a bitter sweet feeling. Definitely one of those happy and sad at the same time moments. It made me want to read the original fairy tale. I've never read it before only the summary. I have my Grimm's Fairy Tales on one of my e-readers. I'll think about reading it in the near future. 

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