Mar 23, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday (7)

Gosh. It seems like forever since I've done one of these. Oh well. The weekly report is back.

Currently Reading Books

North and South
Progress: Chapter 7
Thoughts: This book is so relaxing.

Catching Fire
Progress: Chapter 3
Thoughts: Awesomeness and I'm only on chapter 3.

Re-Reading Book

Ella Enchanted
Progress: Haven't started yet, because I just finished my last re-read Crank an hour ago.

Listening To Book

Great Expectations
Progress: Chapter 7
Thoughts: I haven't been very dedicated to listening lately. I'm really into reading the written word right now. I'll get to it eventually.

Overall Progress: Considering I finished both Jane Eyre and Crank this week I think I'm doing really good. The fact that a week off is allowing me time to sit still and read is awesome. I'm hoping to finish Catching Fire this week too. I'm reading it at the same time as a friend. She's close to being finished, I just started. I must read faster, so we can discuss it in detail.

1 comment:

Rose Transpose said...

Ah, Catching Fire is a good one. And I might have read Great Expectations in high school... Don't quite remember though.
Like the picture for your blog at the top!
- Nicholas