Apr 4, 2011

Short Story of The Week (33) - Our Runaway Kite

Story Title: Our Runaway Kite
From: Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories
Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery


The lost kite of two children leads them to long lost family members.

Favorite Line

"It is dreadfully inconvenient to be a girl at times."

My Thoughts

Today I was just bored with my normal short story books. I went searching for something new in the kindle store. I found these Lucy Maud Montgomery stories. I figured since I love Anne of Green Gables I couldn't go wrong. "Our Runaway Kite" turned out to be one of the most adorable short stories I've read since I started this segment on the blog. I loved the voice of the narrator Philippa. She's was both youthful and bright. Her little observations often made me giggle. The way she speaks about her family was sweet as well. Basically this story just made me happy on this rainy day. I think it would be an excellent story to read to children. 

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