Apr 6, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday (9)

Hello my loves. It's a beautiful day today. Yay! Makes me extra happy to write today. Here's my progress for this week.

Currently Reading

North and South
Progress: Chapter 9
My Thoughts: I only got one chapter in this week, but it was a great chapter.

Water for Elephants
Progress: Chapter 3
My Thoughts: I really want to finish this before the movie comes it. I've got a bunch of blog tours scheduled so I'm not sure if I can make it happen. I'm still going to try. 

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior
Progress: Part 6
My Thoughts: It as fun to read as the title sounds. Very amusing. 


Ella Enchanted
Progress: Chapter 4
My Thoughts: I forgot how clumsy Ella is. Haha.

Listening To

Great Expectations
Progress: Chapter 8
My Thoughts: I'm epically failing at not sleeping through the reading. I'm going to have to read the book along with listening if I hope to complete the poor book. 

Overall Progress:  Some of the books are falling at the way side this week, because of books I have a deadline to finish. Oh well, at least my brain is getting a work out. I had a great idea for a post that I want to do tomorrow, and review is coming Friday or Saturday. See you tomorrow. Keep it shiny!

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