Jun 16, 2011

Short Story of The Week (36) - The Man Who Loved Flowers

Story Title: The Man Who Loved Flowers
From: Night Shift
Author: Stephen King


Young man buys flowers for his spring love.

Favorite Line

"Spring is the only season when nostalgia never seems to turn bitter..."

My Thoughts

This is one of those surprise ending type of stories. It starts off all sweet with hearts and flowers. Then of course it a Stephan King story so there is a wacky turn toward the dark insanity. I loved the dichotomy of it. The story had excellent foreshadowing. If you want a little romance in your horror The Man Who Loved Flowers is the story to check out. 

I'm planning on posting my book review of Crank on Sunday. So I'll see you all then. Keep it shiny!

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Ann Summerville said...

Good review. I haven't read anything by Stephen King.