Jul 5, 2011

Short Story of The Week (38) - The Red Shoes

Story Title: The Red Shoes
Author: Bea Turvey


After argument with a love one, Jane must face her regret when he dies before she can make amends.

Favorite Line

"I dropped the box as though it burned, and it did. It burned the very heart of me."

My Thoughts

Well I found this in the nook store, and knew I had to read it. Not only because it had a interesting mysterious tag line, but because it carried the title of my favorite movie The Red Shoes (1948). Not that I thought it would be in anyway related to the film, but I my eye was just drawn to the title. Oh, by the way, The Red Shoes is also a very creepy little fairy tale by Has Christian Anderson. I'll have to review it some week.

Anyway, Bea Turvey's The Red Shoes was a pleasant yet heart stinging short story. Heart stinging because it speaks of how angry words can sometimes come to pass, and how occasionally once they are said you can't take them back. I loved the author's writing style. It had a very poetic feel. I love that type of writing style in general, but I really like it when it's used in a short story. Overall, this was a lovely and quick read.

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