Jul 19, 2011

Short Story of The Week (40) - Sneakers

Story Title: Sneakers
From: Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Author: Stephen King

Favorite Line

"Sometimes you could get rid of the ghosts that were haunting your life if you could only work up the enough courage to face them."


A down and out music producer stumbles upon on a ghoulish discovery in the restrooms of a recording studio.

My Thoughts

I realized that I really enjoy choosing Stephen King short stories for this weekly segment. I think it's because he manages to get so much character development into his short tales. Today I decided to download a new short story book of his. I mean I couldn't go on only choosing excerpts from Night Shift forever now could I? The first story I picked out of Nightmares and Dreamscapes was Sneakers, because the title sounded interesting. I wonder if I pick stories referring to shoes because I'm a dancer. Hmm... 

Anyhow, I felt like King built a lot of great tension in Sneakers. I got that wicked lovely feeling of wanting to know the outcome but being afraid of it at the same time. I have to admit in the end I was quite relieved that it didn't turn out the way I thought it was going to. I think I might have sighed with relief, which shows how involved I got in the story. I quite enjoyed this despite the crazy imagery. It's a bit of a long short short story, so you might want to curl up with some coffee, or lounge on a lounge chair in the sun while reading it. I went with the coffee option. Ha ha. I'll see you all soon. Have a shiny day all!

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