Aug 30, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: E-book Challenge Completed!!! Shiny!!!

Chapter 18: E-book Challenge Completed!!! Shiny!!!

Yay! I finally completed the E-book Challenge on Saturday. This very exciting. Not only that but I actually read one book extra. I feel very accomplished right now. 

In other news I discovered something over the weekend. I my goals this weekend (other than teaching 5-7 year-olds and Hip Hop Crew rehearsal on Saturday) were to edit my vlog post and remix a song for a lyrical hip hop dance I'm trying to choreograph. In my efforts I discovered two things. 1. I am surprisingly good at remixing music beats. 2. My vlogging needs work. That's okay though I've never tried it before so it makes since that I would need some practice. I'm still going to work on perfecting my vlog skills this week. I still had fun vlogging even though I'm not posting anything until I can stop saying ummm... repeatedly. That might not bother you but I bugs the heck out of me, so why take the risk that it might bother you too. 

Oh! I am now at that point where I've been reading books faster than I can tell you about them. I finished The Ghost and The Goth in like a day and a half. Yay! Guess all that reading practice is making me a fast reader. Yes! The goal to past the half way point with the 100 book challenge by the end of September. I would love it if I could finish 3 books this week too. Speaking of this week my birthday is on Friday. Shiny!!! I didn't forget it this year like I have every year since I was 19. Ha ha! You may think I'm too young to forget my birthday, but trust me I'm not. I'll be back later tonight with this week's short story. See you then.

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed Last Week: 2
Number of Books Completed So Far This Week: 1
Number of Books Completed This Year: 37
Number of Books Left To Complete: 63

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