Aug 30, 2011

Short Story of The Week (46) - Other People

Story Title: Other People
From: Fragile Things
Author: Neil Gaiman


In a nutshell...what happens in Hell.

Favorite Line

"Time is fluid here."

My Thoughts

As you can guess this is an off the wall story. Though surprisingly not as creepy as you might think when you read the summary. It's really about a man facing the consequences of his actions in life. The story comes full circle in this really interesting way. I always like when short stories come full circle. I think it's so poetic for some reason. Overall it's a short yet intriguing read. I may have to read it again some time so I can figure out why it's called Other People. Not that the reason for the title really matters, it's just a little bit of a puzzlement for me at the moment. 

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