Sep 16, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Hello all. I've been gone almost all week. I'm going through a lot in life personally and professionally. It's all left me very drained and uninspired. Hence, I'm officially going on a brief hiatus for this. Not for long. I'm thinking I'll only be gone for the duration of a couple days or one week at the most. I'm going to try to keep writing on my song journal blog, but I don't want to spread myself to thin right now. I just need a little time to recharge and figure some life things out, then I'll be back to my wacky fun book reading self. I hope you guys understand. Many hugs. Keep it shiny!


Sidne said...

I do understand dear. Life is just that way, at moments we must take a break and re-evaluate and prioritze. (that is incorrect, lol) i've recently done the same and thinking I may have to take another before the holidays begin. we shall be here when you return.

LoriStrongin said...

You do what you need to do for your health, hun. I usually take a "break" from the world October-November time, so I definitely understand. One thing that helps me is changing my environment, even if it's just a day trip to a park or the beach. Or a bubble bath with my favorite music and good book. Or cooking one of my favorite foods, carbs and calories be damned. Just little ways to pamper myself to bring me out of my funk and recharge my batteries.

And hey, if you need anyone to vent to/listen, I'm just an email away.

*hugs to you!*