Oct 6, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: The Half Way Point

Chapter 22: The Half Way Point

Great news! I can't believe it but I've finally passed the half way point in the 100+ Books Challenge. So exciting! I figure if I can try to read 20 books this month and 20 the next I might actually be ahead of my goal of 100 books by December 31. Maybe I'll even pass the 100 book goal. You never know. 

The only glass half empty moment I'm having is that I've in no way reviewed as many books as I've read. The reason for that is that I kind of jumped the gun on getting back to blogging after my hiatus because I missed it so much. I really thought all the issues I was having would be tied up in a week, but they weren't really resolved until just now. Oh well at least things are looking up. Another reason for my reviewlessness is that I kind of got addicted to the Roswell High series at the beginning of the week. I unexpectedly had a free Monday morning so I read the whole 3rd book that day. It ended with a semi-cliffhanger, so then I kind of wanted the read the 4th book on my Tuesday morning off. Then the 4th of course ended with a cliffhanger, so I'm now reading the 5th. Ha ha! I'm sure all you readers out there know how that is. I'm probably going to take a break after the 5th book in the series, because there are 10 books and I will need to read something else eventually. 

Speaking of series books I've had a new revelation on how to review these long series books. I'm thinking if a series is over 4 or 5 books I'm just going to read the whole thing and then review the whole series. The books are usually so short and series like Fearless have like 36 books. I'm pretty sure I would run out of things to say. I might bend my own rules if I have something really interesting to say about a certain book, or if I've already started reviewing the series one book at a time. I'm not going to review a series book for a while though. I'm going to review The Catcher in the Rye next. I'm really excited about it. I think I'm going to start writing it tonight since I've been brain storming all week. Yes, I will start writing right after I watch my recording of Vampire Diaries tonight. 

Gosh, I have just started to babble. I think I'm just so glad that I'm inspired again. I can't leave without thanking Lori for the novella suggestions. I've put Harvest Moon on my nook wish list. I looks like a great story. Hilariously this week I got suggestions for short books from a guy at the grocery store. His first suggestion was The Box Car Children which I haven't read since I was a child, so it might be a great deal of fun to read them again. His second suggestion was Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I've never read them before but I keep meaning to. I'm glad he suggested it so that I can remember this time to put it on my wish list. Okay, my babble fest is ending now. See you all later when I post my book review. Keep it shiny!

Progress Report

Number of Book Read So Far This Week: 2 (I want to read 5 by Sunday. That would be awesome.)
Number of Books Completed This Year: 51
Number of Books Left To Complete: 49

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LoriStrongin said...

Ooh, I really hope you like Krista Ball's book! And CATCHER IN THE RYE!!!! Honestly, it's my favorite book. I first read it at 15, and reread it at least once a year, and every time, I discover something new. I can't wait to see your thoughts on it!

Lemony Snicket is fun--I've only read the first two, but I love how the author brings in "adult" words but explains them in a fun, snarky way for younger readers.

Good call on reviewing a series as a whole, I think. I'm the type of reader who can't start a series in the middle, so reading a review about it as a progression rather than a one shot would be really helpful, I think.

Hope you have a great week, hun!