Jan 12, 2012

My Epic Reading Adventures - Insanity Ensues

Hello everyone. This is more of an update than anything else. I didn't want you guys to think I disappeared on you. It's the first week back at work. Which wouldn't usually mess with my reading/writing, but I am sick for the second time in the last four weeks. In a nut shell insanity has ensued. Being sick makes me even more dyslexic than usual so my reading in print wasn't very epic. However, I did rock on listening to my audio book. I'm almost half way though. Shiny! Luckily I was ahead on writing this week's book review for The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. I just have to polish it and add on the extras. I'm going to say it will be up Saturday night. I am really excited about the review for some reason. Next week I'm thinking about adding a new blog segment, so that is something cool to look forward to. Happy reading and keep it shiny!

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LoriStrongin said...

Boo that you were sick! Same here, and of course it was during the busiest week at work so I couldn't call out.

Hope you're feeling better now!!!!