Jan 9, 2012

Short Story of The Week (56) - A Difference In Temperament

Story Title: A Difference In Temperament
From: The Doll
Author: Daphne du Maurier


A couple struggles to cope with each others difference of temperaments. 

Favorite Line

"They were on two different planes. In the universe that were two stars, she far higher, burning with a steady light, but he flickering, unsteadily, always a little ahead-and in the end falling to earth, a momentary streak in the sky."

My Thoughts

This was an intriguing story about a relationship. It studies a couple who love each other but can't figure out how to really be together. One of the them wants to share everything, and the other just wants to have some time to themselves once in a while. They often interpret each other's actions in the wrong way. Even though it's a relationship story it still has a nice build that keeps you reading. It is so thoughtful and poignant that I couldn't help but enjoy it. I thought it was an excellent and striking character study. 

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