Jan 17, 2012

Short Story of The Week (57) - Good Boys Deserve Favors

Story Title: Good Boys Deserve Favors
From: Fragile Things
Author: Neil Gaiman


Young boy attempts learn to play the double bass. 

Favorite Line

"Good double bass players, he told me, were men who made poor husbands."

My Thoughts

We all know that Neil Gaiman more often than not writes fantasy or science fiction tales. This story is neither of those things, but equally as magical. It is a simple tale about a small boy and his sort of lazy interest in playing an instrument. I think the simplicity of it was what I liked it about it. I mean I love a crazy story too. Yet, sometimes when it's late at night, and you're chilling in front of the TV you want a reflective story like this to read. It was pretty adorable and smile worthy. I thought it was very clever that the title came from one of the many mnemonics for the line notes in bass clef: Good Boys Deserve Favors Always.

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LoriStrongin said...

Neil Gaiman is my reading God. I think I have every one of his books, graphic novels, anthologies, and short story collections. Even have the flash piece he wrote for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for the launch of their Snow Glass Apples scent.

So yeah...I'm a fangirl. :)