Jan 23, 2012

Short Story of The Week (58) - Water's Edge

Story Title: Water's Edge
From: Half-Human
Author: Janni Lee Simner


Laura discovers a family secret which explains why the sea calls to her.

Favorite Line

"There was so much she had to learn, if she really wanted to live in both worlds."

My Thoughts

Water's Edge centers around the folk legend of Selkies. Mythological creatures that are seals that can shed their skin and become human. I've always found this folklore interesting, so I was very drawn to the story. You just don't see that many modern tales about this creature. From what I've read most Selkie tales are on the sad side, but this one was fairly heart warming. Maybe it was because Water's Edge was about self discovery instead of romantic tragedy. I thought I was just a generally enjoyable read. I only wish I could have read it on a sandy beach. That would have made the experience extra perfect.

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