Feb 23, 2012

Children's Book of the Week (3) - Willy the Dreamer


Author: Anthony Brown
Age Level: 3 to 8

Short Summary 

A little monkey named Willy dreams about life and bananas. 

My Thoughts

Willy the Dreamers is a cute little tale. Perfect for a variety of ages because it is both simple and thoughtful at the same time. Each page contains very short phases which is excellent for introducing three-year-olds to reading. The illustrations are imaginative and lovely to look at. You can always have great fun with a child trying to point out where the bananas are incorporated into the pictures on each page. This book is part of the curriculum I use for my creative movement class (a dance class for 3-5 year olds). I read the book aloud to the kids. Then we stand up and act out some of Willy's dreams from the book. For example: I may tell them to act like a singer or a scuba diver. It's a fun activity with movement, and what the kids don't know is that they are getting a little acting and performance lesson as well. 

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