Feb 21, 2012

Short Story of the Week (61) - Ice

Story Title: Ice
From: The Rose and the Beast
Author: Francesca Lia Black


A woman is heartbroken when the man she loves is enchanted by an ice queen.

Favorite Line

"He is too perfect. Like an angel carved on a tomb. If you try to keep something so perfect, you get only silent stone."

My Thoughts

I'm not completely sure but I believe that Ice is a modern re-telling of Han Christian Anderson's fairy tale The Snow Queen. I've never read the original tale, but I enjoyed Francesca's interpretation of it. I just love how poetic her writing style is. This story is a little sad. However, I got a hint at the very end that maybe there was hope. The build of the story kept me interested all the way through. Overall, Ice was a intriguing and enjoyable way to spend part of my afternoon reading.  

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