Feb 15, 2012

My Epic Reading Adventures - The Writing Plan and Gossip Girl

Hello everyone. I'm finally back. It seems like it took me forever to get better. I was still feeling some pain early in the week. The good news is that I'm feeling better now and I have tied up a lot of things at work as well. That means more reading and writing time. Yay! I thought why not get the ball rolling with an adventures in reading post. I haven't written one in a few weeks.

I have a new writing plan that I'm going to implement as of tomorrow. I'm really into self improvement this year, and I'm not doing as well as I would like. I have to find a better way to approach writing. I love putting words to the page, but I realized I just intimidate myself with looking at everything as one huge piece of writing instead of several little parts. I've come up with a new writing technique to get past my current technique of  procrastinating, panicking, and then writing. The plan is to a least three times a week write at least one or more paragraphs on three of my internet based sites. For example: I would write a paragraph or two of a book review, then one for my song blog, and then answer and email on the days when have the most free time. I think that this will be a far more effective method of writing. Everything will be split up in small manageable pieces. I'm really to start putting it into practice.

I'm incredibly behind in my reading. One reason is I haven't been able to find the right short book to read along with my longer read, The Girl Who Played With Fire. After several different attempts I suddenly realized that I had both the Hunger Games series and the Twilight series just waiting to be re-read on my Nook. Neither of them are short but they are quick reads. I'm going to re-read Hunger Games first because the movie comes out soon. Yay!

There is another reason I'm behind in reading. I'm ashamed to admit this. I haven't really been using my Nook just for reading but for a lot on Netflix watching. One of my teen dance students convinced me to watch the TV show Gossip Girl. I wasn't that receptive to the idea at first because it's not the type of show that I wouldn't usually watch. Meaning that it doesn't have crime solving, fight scenes, singing, or some type of supernatural element. I figured since it was on Netflix it wouldn't hurt to give Gossip Girl one episode to impress me. Plus, I had to see what all this talk about "Chuck Bass" was about. Little did I know that it was actually quite addictive. It's become sort of a guilty pleasure. I must remind myself that I must watch less soap-opera-ish drama and get to reading. I'm actually considering reading the books. I'm pretty sure they won't be my thing, but I just like to try things for fun. Did you know there was a Gossip Girl graphic novel? Believe it or not there is. Is it weird that I think that is weird? 

On a not really reading related note. I started a Tumblr page a few weeks ago. It is great fun and I figure it's another good place for writing practice. Also it is a excellent replacement for my list blog that I intend to delete. I only wrote on it twice and then proceeded to focus on my book blog and song blog instead. It makes far more since to put all my lists and random musings on Tumblr instead. Here's a link if you guys want to follow me. http://jazzrj.tumblr.com

Well, I'm signing off. I have some unexpected free time to work on a book review. See you all tomorrow afternoon with the children's book of the week. Keep it shiny!

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