Feb 16, 2012

Children's Book of The Week (2) - Dancing in the Wings


Author: Debbie Allen
Age Level: 5 and up

Short Summary

Sassy fears that her big mouth, big feet, too long legs will keep her from her dream of being a star ballerina. With the encouragement of her family and the idea to audition for a summer dance festival she discovers her dream might be closer than she thinks. 

My Thoughts

I realized last time I reviewed a children's book I forgot to post the picture of the book cover. Ha ha! Silly me. I remembered this week. 

I'm a dancer so I have to recognize my favorite dancing book, Dancing in the Wings. I love it not just because I talks about the art of ballet. There are tons of wonderful children's books that talk about ballet. This book is stands out because it teaches lesson that sometimes the qualities that you find negative about yourself can actually be positives in the long run. You just have to be patient and have support to overcome obstacles. I think that is a good message not just for children but for adults as well. This book has longer paragraphs on the pages. I've found that some really young children have trouble focusing on long paragraphs, so I would wait until they are at least in kindergarten to introduce them to this book. Kids could could probably start enjoying it on their own around 1st or 2nd grade. 

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