May 3, 2012

Children's Book of The Week - Max and The Big Fat Lie


Book Title: Max and The Big Fat Lie: A Book About Telling The Truth
Author: Michael P. Waite
Age Level: 4 and up


Max lies to his mom in order to go see a scary movie. He soon discovers that one little fib can turn into a big fat lie.

My Thoughts

Yay! Children's story of the week is back. The segment was lost but not forgotten. I re-read Max and The Big Fat Lie earlier this week when I was attempting to download some software to my computer. I figured why not make the process go faster by reading a nice children's book. This book was a particular favorite of my mother's though I love it quite a bit as well. It teach the importance of telling the truth without getting too wordy about it. It's actually very humorous and it is written all in rhythm to boot. Like that the book has some elements that are fantastical to prove the point that it's trying to make, but that the situation that Max finds himself in is realistic. This makes the story easy to kids to relate to. Max and The Big Fat Lie made me smile as a child and it still does now.

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