Aug 8, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: Belated Ideas, Short Chapters, and Small Victories

Chapter 13:  Belated Ideas, Short Chapters, and Small Victories

Hello all. Last installment my follow blogger Nina commented that she too gets what I will now call blogger block. You know that crazy moment I had yesterday where I wanted to blog, but had no ideas. Thanks for commenting Nina. I'm glad I'm not alone. I was surprised to find that not long after I posted my non-eventful post# last time, I actually came up with more than a few ideas for things to talk about. I narrowed it down to just a couple ideas for today. I guess this proves that patience is a virtue. By the way, if you haven't already you guys should check out Nina's awesome blog, J'adorehappyendings. I always have a good read when I stop by her blog.

On to my subject today which is the fact that I've noticed that I read faster when a book has short chapters. I can't explain why I do though. I mean the book has the same amount of pages whether it has short chapters or not. Hmm...Perhaps the gratification of finishing a chapter inspires me to read more quickly. My other theory is that I feel like I can read something short during work breaks without being left hanging. I am so obsessed with finishing a chapter before doing anything else. If I don't I wonder about how the section was going to end while I'm doing other things. Well no matter what the reason behind the short chapter mystery, I think the extra reading speed is pretty shiny.

I realized something else yesterday. I'm five e-books away from completing the 2011 E-Book Challenge. Very cool. I guess I shouldn't get too excited since I haven't totally completed it yet, but gosh I am so close. I'm all about small victories. The way I read e-books I should be finished in no time. Yay!

Oh, Thanks to Lori for the reading suggestion. I haven't read The Umbrella Academy, but it sounds like something I would like. I'll look into getting my hands on it. 

Okay it's time for the progress report. Before I go I'll let you know that my Ella Enchanted review is coming either late Monday night or Tuesday morning. I hope to review much faster after that. Well maybe not too fast. I kind of want to watch the movie of A Wrinkle In Time before doing my review. I have to wait to get it from Netflix. However, next week I have the week off work so I'm hoping to get ahead in the review department. Keep it shiny darlings!

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed So Far This Week: 1
Number of Books Read This Year: 30 (v.g)
Number of Books Left to Complete: 70
New Primary Books Chosen: The Gift of Illusion, Roswell #2: The Wild One

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the short chapters! James Patterson writes very short chapters and I fly through his books!