May 1, 2012

An Update

Hello darlings. This is just a short update. Sorry I've been gone for almost a month. Time got away from me. In a nutshell work commitments, various allergies, and back problems have kept me from sitting at the computer. I just decided I should take a break. I realized yesterday that I could have written all this time if I had just used my voice recognition software more, but what can I say, your blog mistress is clueless at times. Since I came to that conclusion I will definitely plan some posts for this week. At least this weeks short story and children's book. I will also work on my reviews for The Girl Who Played With Fire and First Love. I intend to make a post reviewing some film adaptations I've watched recently as well. See guys tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. 


Kat said...

I get you on the allergy thing...Had an attack with my weirdest allergy (being to lemonade) this weekend. Never heard of anyone else with a lemonade allergy so I can't tell if it's because I'm weird or special lol

Unknown said...

I’ve just helped spike your graph a little How invisible am I in those stats, given I never come to the blog, but always read the articles via RSS?